Audiobyte works in partnership
with the music industry.


Offer byte-sized popular music as a new way for your users to express themselves on your platform and drive higher engagement.

Here’s why working with us makes sense.


Get all the greatest hits
Audiobyte’s SongClip API provides instant access to thousands of 5 to 30 second popular song clips which your users can pair and share with photos, videos, and GIFs.


Launch within days
Our quick-to-deploy SongClip API features a patented technology platform, music database, and robust search engine of popular song clips so you can drive more engagement right away.


Leave the tough stuff to us
Audiobyte manages all the legal music clearances, back-end reporting, and payments to the music industry. You just implement the SongClip API and relax.


Only Audiobyte makes it easy for you to add a music feature to your platform.

Here’s how it works:


Audiobyte’s SongClips Database

Through legal agreements with the music industry, Audiobyte has built an enormous fully-licensed and meta-tagged database of the most popular song clips of all time, five to thirty seconds long, called “SongClips”. 


Audiobyte’s SongClip API

By integrating the SongClip API into your platform via a pop-up window, your users can search the SongClips database by song, artist, lyric, or mood, and pair a song clip with their photos and videos, or with our optional GIF feed.


Your Users’ Personalized Music Videos

The result is something truly unique, a short five to thirty second personalized music video that your users can freely share on your platform and other social channels, resulting in higher customer engagement and delight.


 Drive higher engagement when your customers say it with a song.


2.5x Increase in Time Spent over GIFs


3x Increase in Engagement over GIFs


Increase time spent on your platform


Grow the number of messages sent


Expand engagement with messages received


Enhance customer satisfaction for senders and receivers

 Adding music to your platform is easy.


Audiobyte’s Responsibilities

  • Provides easy-to-deploy SongClip API to you

  • Runs backend music messaging platform

  • Licenses and fully clears music rights

  • Sends reports and compensates music industry

  • Runs platform with 99.99% uptime

Your Responsibilities

  • Integrate the SongClip API in a few days of work

  • Launch music messaging on your platform

  • See higher engagement and happier users



See us in action.

Audiobyte’s musical GIF consumer app, “Gifnote”, uses the SongClip platform and has proven success as an iOS app and web site.


Selected as Apple’s
“App of the Day”


Named a Top iOS App for “Making & Sharing GIFs”


Has 4.8 Star
Apple App
Store Rating


Number of Gifnote music messages shared weekly per sender


Number of daily Gifnote sessions per Daily Active User


Average Gifnote session length in minutes