Music is shared

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Consumers are increasingly using social
channels to talk about and share music.

Music is social

There's a strong link between social media and the music industry. Social media is where music audiences naturally congregate, forming their own communities and sharing their experiences of bands and artists.


Of Instagram’s 800 million users worldwide, about 350 million follow 10 or more verified musicians. 4 out of 5 of most-followed Instagram accounts belong to music stars:
Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé

Music is Universal


In China, almost two-thirds of consumers use
messenger apps to share their favorite music.


Music enhances how we communicate

  • Music in a message provides deeper communication with more meaning, enjoyment, and emotion such as humor, love, and excitement.

  • Music communicates in a healthy way, and the categories of music provided within a messaging service can help guide conversations more positively

Music provides revenue opportunities 

  • Music is a natural fit for in-app purchases, e-commerce revenue via streaming services and ticketing, and expanded advertising opportunities

  • Music added as a feature in social and digital experiences can become the top of the funnel for music discovery and purchase–leading to increased streaming, ticketing, and merchandise sales.

Music needs a messaging solution

The music industry looks to third parties to power the evolution of digital music as they have done with streaming, downloads, and ringtones. And for music messaging, the music industry is looking to Audiobyte to power the solution.

The SongClip platform and API makes it easy for social and digital platforms to add music as a feature and access the massive SongClip database and search engine of fully-licensed byte-sized song clips.


Music artists are embracing music in messaging as a new way to engage their fans. Audiobyte's consumer offering, Gifnote, has already enjoyed social support from dozens of major music artists, driving increased fan engagement.


Market Research Results

Audiobyte conducted user research with a group of US consumers to measure their interest in music messaging and found that consumers want to share music messages on major social platforms.


Through which of your social media channels
would you prefer to send music-GIFs?

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In open-ended responses, Gifnote testers described the music-messaging experience as:

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Gifnote Music Messaging Engagement Statistics

Audiobyte’s results with Gifnote show that music in messaging is becoming a daily habit, especially when the music messaging feature is made accessible within the context and interface of the message composition.

Sender Stats


Receiver Stats


Music integration is easy

Integrating the SongClip API allows for the seamless ability to search for and attach song clips to whatever it is you’re sending, so you can say it better with music.