Gifnote Is Named As A Top Trend For 2019

World Renowned Trendspotter and Futurist Marian Salzman Predicts Songbytes™ Will Help Foster And Deepen Human Connection in 2019

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- "The End of C" has been identified as one of 2019's trends by world-renowned trendspotter Marian Salzman in her annual global trends report, citing civility, compromise, constraint and conversation as fast-fading. Salzman finds that the notions of character and decency are quickly being relegated to relic status.

"Today, a conversation is often reduced to a quick text, an urgent command (another C word— but one that's growing) or an emotion conveyed with an emoticon," stated Marian Salzman.  "And make no mistake, there are emoticons for everything now. There's even World Emoji Day, and alternatives have popped up like GIFs and musical mentions to insert easily—check out the new app Gifnote - to humanize or soften the message."

Gifnote is an easy-to-use app that lets you harness the emotional and expressive power of music in modern day communication by sharing Songbytes — byte-sized music clips — in  texts, Tweets, Snaps and other social posts.  Simply select Songbytes™ from your favorite artists and songs, and instantly add them to any GIF, photo or video. Gifnote is available on the iOS App Store, as an API and at Gifnote is the first consumer application from parent company Audiobyte™.

"With over 60 Billion text messages sent daily in the US alone and growing, texting dominates human communication. But now, with Gifnote, music is part of the conversation," said Andrew Blacker, CEO and Co-Founder, Gifnote. "Leveraging our awarded patents and our proprietary back-end solution, we provide a new model for music consumption, fan engagement, data analysis and monetization for the entire music industry."

"People have endured silence in messaging for too long," said John vanSuchtelen, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Gifnote. "With our patented technology platform and API, and the support of the music industry — labels, publishers and artists — music can now be part of today's modern mobile and social conversation."

Whether you want to start a conversation by saying "hi" or flirt with a loved one, Gifnote has it all.  Say Happy BirthdayHappy Father's Day, or make plans with friends. Celebrate sports rivalry or  get back in good graces with Mom. Or, invite your co-workers to happy hour. Gifnote is conveniently accessible by mobile or desktop and via their integrations for Slack and iOS Keyboard.

ABOUT GIFNOTE®                                   

Gifnote is a music app that uses proprietary technology allowing people to pair and share Songbytes — byte-sized music clips — of the world's most popular songs with GIFs, videos and photos. Working in partnership with the music industry, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, Gifnote is the preeminent, fully-licensed music messaging app and has recently been featured as an Apple "New App We Love" and "App of the Day." Gifnote is the first product from its parent company, Audiobyte™.


Audiobyte is the creator of a patented and proprietary technology platform, database and search engine of legally compliant Songbytes —  byte-sized music clips. With its scalable API, Audiobyte powers self expression using five to fifteen second clips of popular music across all digital and mobile platforms. Its debut product, Gifnote™, has been featured as Apple's "App of the Day."

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